Finding good help for tax problems can be difficult, but there is a firm that is experienced in handling any IRS problem, Jay Allen Finn, CPA, PC. Jay is a Christian and provides tax defense. He solves many IRS collection problems from a Christian point of view and uses his knowledge as a Christian and taxes to help people. Mr. Finn was once an IRS Revenue Agent and he has experience with IRS tax court, appeals and mediation. Mr. Finn practices his business as a Christian and taxes are something he takes seriously. He knows that delinquent taxes could lead to a wage levy. Being a Christian, paying taxes is something Mr. Finn knows is important. To avoid trouble with the IRS, call on Mr. Finn and use his knowledge as a Christian and taxes to find solutions for your tax problems. He will utilize all methods allowed under the Internal Revenue Code to:


  • Lift a Wage Levy or Bank levy
  • Complete Delinquent Returns
  • Reduce Tax Debt Penalties
  • Settle Your Tax Debt in an Offer in Compromise (Pennies on the Dollar)

Jay Allen Finn applies tax and Christian principles when assisting people with an IRS problem. Christian and taxes go together well at Mr. Finn’s firm. He can solve a good majority of your IRS problems. Being a Christian with tax knowledge helps out tremendously. Mr. Finn will help you find solutions, empower you with the ability to prevent further tax problems, try to get your payments current and eventually settle with the IRS. He can accomplish this using principles as a Christian. Taxes are important, so if you need help about taxes from a Christian for IRS problems, contact Jay Allen Finn today.

Jay Allen Finn combines both his knowledge as a Christian in taxes together when he assists people with tax problems. It is beneficial to have a Christian with tax knowledge like Jay Allen Finn. Getting help from a Christian with tax and IRS problems is helpful for you and your future.
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