Jay Allen Finn, CPA
Former Internal Revenue Agent
Garnish Wages If the IRS Wants to Garnish Your Wages, Speak to Dogged by the IRS

It is terrifying when finding out from your employer that IRS is going to garnish wages from you. If the IRS is seeking to garnish wages from you, contact Jay Allen Finn, CPA, immediately and get help. Mr. Finn has experience dealing with taxes and was once an IRS Revenue Agent. Armed with vast knowledge of how the IRS works, Mr. Finn is capable of finding the right solution for your IRS tax problems. Mr. Finn is a former IRS Revenue agent himself and can also help you with:


  • Reducing tax penalties
  • Protecting your tax refund
  • Settling a tax debt with an IRS offer in compromise (for pennies on the dollar)

Normally, when a person owes the IRS money and has not made an effort to arrange installments for payment or simply not answered IRS or even not filed back taxes, IRS  will garnish wages and file a federal tax lien. They can take your paycheck  up to 70 percent+. They can also look into taking property or money from one’s Social Security.   However, this situation can be avoided if you talk to Mr. Finn and the people at his firm. Mr. Finn has a good success rate in handling tax debt cases, especially those involving a settlement like an Offer-in-Compromise.  If you are facing a situation where the IRS wants to garnish wages from you, talk to Mr. Finn The IRS can be brutal when a person owes them money, so having an experienced person acting as a buffer between you and them is a huge blessing.   If the IRS wants to garnish wages from you, talk to Mr. Finn today. Find out more by Call Today 713-520-0010 or Email to get your free consultation!