Jay Allen Finn, CPA
Former Internal Revenue Agent
IRS Houston Are you a Houston Resident with tax problems?

If you are you a Houston resident who is having trouble with the IRS, you may feel there is no way out, but Jay Allen Finn, CPA, and his firm can provide desperately-needed answers. Many people have had tax problems and did not find the right solutions in time to prevent a wage levy, a bank levy or some other type of garnishment from the IRS. Jay Allen Finn knows what to do in these types of situations. He is a former IRS Revenue Agent who has experience with the IRS in Houston and he is licensed to practice in IRS appeals, tax court and mediation. If you are having problems with the IRS in Houston, then you should contact Jay Allen Finn immediately. With Jay Allen Finn on your side, you can have an expert in dealing with the IRS in Houston helping you find the causes of your tax problems, as well as a solution. He will provide you with the right tools so you can prevent problems with the IRS in Houston in the future. Once you seek the services of Jay Allen Finn, his team of professionals will file your Power of Attorney and gather your records, which includes your IRS Master File. This will stop harassment from the IRS in Houston. You even have the right to tell the IRS in Houston that they must speak to Mr. Finn or his team, even when they say otherwise.

Next, Jay Allen Finn and his team will file and try to get your payments current. They take great care in tax preparation since they believe that solving a tax problem with the IRS in Houston is achieved by a professional doing great tax work. Mr. Finn has discovered that doing a thorough job on tax returns, some clients have ended up only owing a small amount to the IRS in Houston. In some cases, the IRS in Houston actually owed some clients money. If you comply with tax laws, meet your obligation to file and pay your current taxes, many times the IRS in Houston will negotiate, even when there is money still owed. Jay Allen Finn will also assist you in making sure you do not overpay the IRS in Houston. Contact Mr. Finn today for IRS tax help.

Finally, Jay Allen Finn will help you come to a settlement agreement with the IRS in Houston. If you are having problems with the IRS in Houston, come to Jay Allen Finn and let his team of professionals assist you. They can help relieve the stress of dealing with the IRS in Houston. For more about what to do
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