Jay Allen Finn, CPA
Former Internal Revenue Agent
IRS Tax Problems Dogged by the IRS Can Help Solve Your IRS Tax Problems

Once you find out that you owe the IRS, the stress and anxiety can reach a boiling point fast. IRS tax problems can be one of the worst things to worry about considering they can garnish wages if you do not have an IRS advocate. Jay Allen Finn is someone who can provide you with a degree of protection when you have IRS tax problems. Mr. Finn has the experience it takes to deal with these problems because he is a former IRS Revenue Agent who has inside knowledge of how the IRS operates. Using every means afforded to the Internal Revenue Code, Mr. Finn can help solve problems such as:


  • Completing delinquent returns
  • Reducing penalties on tax debts
  • Stop IRS wage garnishment
  • Stop IRS property seizure
  • Protect tax refunds
  • Settle for an IRS offer in compromise for pennies on the dollar

Mr. Finn can help with all of these IRS tax problems and with his experience, he can negotiate settlements for the lowest amount allowed by the law, providing the client qualifies. By using the IRS’s own rules, Mr. Finn can preserve your rights as a citizen and relieve you of the stress of having to deal with the IRS yourself.  Once you assign a power of attorney to Mr. Finn, you can tell the IRS to speak only to the people at his firm. This alone is a great relief to anyone who has ever had to deal with the IRS.


Mr. Finn will work to get your payments up to date as quickly as possible. He strongly believes in performing excellent tax work, so no stone will be left unturned in finding a way to relieve you of IRS tax problems. You may discover that you do not owe as much or that the IRS in fact owes you. Mr. Finn will also make sure you do not overpay the IRS.


Finally, Mr. Finn can help reach an agreeable settlement between you and the IRS. Tax problems can come up for anyone, rich or poor. You should not feel like you do not have anyone to turn to if you need IRS tax help. Talk to Mr. Finn today about getting help with your IRS tax problems. To find out more, simply Call Today 713-520-0010 or Email to get your free consultation!