jay-allen-finnJay Finn is a Certified Public Accountant. And, he is licensed to practice in IRS Appeals and Mediation. Also, he is a former IRS Revenue Agent. But now he now works for you, instead of them. Jay Finn began his career receiving a Bachelors in Business Administration, Magna Cum Laude. specializing in accounting. The department professor chose him to be the graduate assistant. But, he accepted a position with the IRS in Houston. He worked in several offices in the city grew before leaving as a CPA to work for you, the public. Jay’s philosophy is that the client, is the most important person to serve. And he does so with a “hands on” attitude. He will strive each day to meet your specific, unique needs. He works with clients on an individual basis. And to achieve goals, including overcoming tax problems. And he can get you a fresh start.

Jay is also a member of the Texas Society of CPA’s – Houston Chapter.

If You Want To Win, Call Jay Allen Finn (877)720-3477