Jay Allen Finn, CPA
Former Internal Revenue Agent
Previous Tax Returns Need help with old tax returns?

Are you being dogged by the IRS over previous tax returns? If so, you should contact the offices of Jay Allen Finn, CPA, with over 30 years of experience. Mr. Finn who has over 30 years experience can help you if the IRS gives you previous tax returns. He has dealt with IRS tax court, appeals, and mediation issues. Mr. Finn once served as an IRS Revenue Agent, so he has inside information on how to help you with IRS problems such as delinquent taxes or a wage levy. If you qualify, Mr. Finn will negotiate a settlement with the IRS for the lowest amount allowed under the law. Using IRS rules to preserve your rights, Mr. Finn can find ways to assist you if the IRS is investigating you for not filing previous tax returns. Many people have not filed previous tax returns and now the IRS is giving them grief over it. However, Mr. Finn knows ways of dealing with the IRS when they come after you for not filing your taxes right on your previous tax returns. In addition to helping with previous tax returns, Mr. Finn and his team of professionals can also:


  • Help Reduce Penalties on Tax Debt
  • Prevent a Wage Levy
  • Stop Property Seizures
  • Protect Tax Refunds
  • Settle for an Offer in Compromise (for pennies on the dollar)

Having Mr. Finn and his team assist you can be the right cure for stress relief when facing an IRS problem. Whether you have problems with previous tax returns or delinquent taxes, Mr. Finn can provide an answer.

If you have not filed previous tax returns in the past, the IRS may be looking for you. If they are, contact Jay Allen Finn today. The tax specialists at Jay Allen Finn’s firm can provide the help you need when this happens. If you have not filed previous tax returns, the IRS will usually file an ASFR return. This only shows the income that was reported to the IRS and not any deductions you may have received. On paper, this might show that you owe the IRS a large amount of money. Mr. Finn can handle a situation involving non-filing of previous tax returns by replacing your IRS ASFR return and turn the situation around in your favor. If you have trouble with the IRS over previous tax returns, do not hesitate to contact Jay Allen Finn. More information about what to do
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