Jay Allen Finn, CPA
Former Internal Revenue Agent
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IRS Tax Help in HoustonHelp with Back Taxes

Do you need IRS tax help? Do you need to talk to someone who is an EXPERT in IRS tax problems? Are back taxes affecting your life? If so, look no further. Jay Allen Finn of doggedbyirs.com is here to help you.  Jay has helped hundreds of Americans with their IRS tax problems and he can help you too. Mr. Finn is unique in that he is a former IRS agent and knows the tax laws and how the system works in your favor. Do not hesitate any longer. Stop the stress and aggravation that IRS tax problems can cause you.  Call today:  1-877-720-3477

Tax problems can come in many forms:

Some Americans can’t afford to pay back taxes. The earlier you take care of these back tax problems the better off you are.

Others are dealing with IRS penalties and IRS interest. These arise due to unpaid back taxes or late tax filings. If this is your problem you need to understand what options you have and know that you can get some penalties removed if your case is handled by an expert like Jay Allen Finn.

Yet another issue that many Americans face are tax liens. This is generally the first step that the IRS takes in order to force you to pay your back taxes. An IRS tax lien is a very difficult situation to encounter as it can seriously damage your financial situation and your credit rating, effectively hurting your ability to get future loans or borrow on credit. A tax lien is serious business and serious business requires an expert like doggedbyirs.com.

IRS audits can happen to any of us. If you are selected for an audit you need to know what this means to you and your situation. Taking the appropriate action is imperative and finding a tax expert to assist you in your audit is not optional, it is a MUST.

Many Americans who own small businesses also encounter tax problems. You are not alone as a small business owner and you should be aware that you share common problems with others. Don’t allow the IRS to destroy your business because of a small business tax problem. Hire an expert who understands how to fight the IRS and is on your side. Save your business, call Jay Allen Finn today.

For all of the above tax problems there is a solution. Whether it’s tax settlement, filing back taxes, setting up a payment plan with the IRS, proving financial hardship, IRS penalty abatement, offer in compromise, paying back taxes, or settling back taxes, you need to know how to accomplish each one of these and which solution is appropriate to your situation. Doggedbyirs.com is here to help. Call us today at:  1-877-720-3IRS

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