Jay Allen Finn, CPA
Former Internal Revenue Agent
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An IRS tax lien can be a very worrisome thing. A tax lien can come in various forms: an IRS tax lien, a state tax lien, or a federal tax lien. All of these can keep you up at night with worry. But, with the right assistance from an expert who has years of experience assisting clients in removing and gaining tax relief from these liens your worries could be behind you and you can start to live your life again.

An experienced professional, like Jay Allen Finn, can assist you in finding the best solution for you and your family in providing tax lien relief from the IRS. There are many so-called experts and attorney’s out there who claim that they can assist you in order to find tax lien relief. Be sure that whomever you choose that they are recognized and BBB accredited to conduct tax business. Sometimes the best place to start in order to find a professional that can help you is with the IRS directly or by calling someone who has all the necessary credentials and even worked for the IRS for many years and understands exactly what it takes to get you the best outcome in solving your tax lien troubles. Jay Allen Finn has the credentials (A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau), the experience (30 years dealing with tax relief issues) and the expertise (former IRS agent) to guide you and your family through these troubling times.

A tax lien is not something that you can ignore. You must take care of a federal tax lien by paying the IRS what you owe in back taxes or you must be prepared to file an “offer in compromise”. These are the only two manners in which to get a tax lien release. We can assist you in qualifying for an offer or attempt to setup settlement plan with the IRS that you feel comfortable with. With Jay Allen Finn, tax lien relief is just a phone call away: 877-720-3477.

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