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Wage Garnishment

If the IRS is Threatening Wage Garnishment, Contact Dogged by the IRS Today

Wage garnishment from the IRS is a serious matter. If you have found yourself facing such a situation, you need an expert who knows how the IRS works so you can find a viable solution. Jay Allen Finn, CPA, and his firm are able to assist people who are facing wage garnishment. Mr. Finn is a former IRS Revenue Agent with more than 30 years experience.


People and companies with all types of tax issues have come to Mr. Finn and walked away relieved of the stress and anxiety that usually accompanies IRS tax problems. Mr. Finn’s firm will deal directly with the IRS once a power of attorney is filed, so the client does not have to do so anymore.


Mr. Finn and his firm can deal with IRS problems such as reducing tax debt penalties, property seizure, tax refund protection, as well as getting an IRS offer in compromise for pennies on the dollar.


If for any reason IRS is threatening to garnish your wages, then you should talk to Mr. Finn today. The IRS is not supposed to force any wage garnishment on you if you become compliant; however, they will try to do it if you do not have someone with experience and knowledge by your side. Mr. Finn can take care of that problem and help set you back on the right path again by fighting hard for you.


Once the IRS decides to place a wage garnishment on you, they will send a letter to your employer, letting them know that you are in debt and requiring them to send a portion of your check to the IRS. The percentage that could be taken out of your check can vary all the way up to 70 percent of your check. There are not too many people who can take a hit like that in their paychecks. Not only that, but the IRS could confiscate personal property or even property that is tied up in an entity like Social Security or an annuity.


If the IRS decided to garish wages from your check, you will need some form of defense. Mr. Finn is able to provide good defense against the IRS thanks to his vast experience in dealing with such matters. For more information on what to do when faced with wage garnishment, simply contact

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