Jay Allen Finn, CPA
Former Internal Revenue Agent
Wage Levy Has the IRS Levied your Wages?

Are you a Houston resident who is having trouble with the IRS? If so, contact Jay Allen Finn, CPA. He has experience dealing with tax problems such as delinquent taxes. Also, he can help, those who live in houston, with a wage levy. Do not delay in contacting Jay Allen Finn’s firm if a wage levy is hanging over you. Mr. Finn and his team will have the answers. In addition to helping with wage levy problems, Mr. Finn’s firm can help with some other tax issues including:


  • A Reduction on Tax Debt Penalties
  • Providing Protection for Your Tax Refunds
  • Settling for an Offer in Compromise (Pennies on the dollar)



If you owe the IRS money and have not made an arrangement to make payments, the IRS could garnish your wages by issuing a wage levy or a federal tax lien. For those living in the United States, including Houston, a wage levy could result in a good portion of their paychecks going to the IRS instead of in their pockets. The IRS can place a levy of up to 70 percent+  on your paycheck, depending upon how many dependents you have or your marital status. Needless to say, even in Houston, a wage levy can make it very difficult to pay your other bills and make a living.



If the IRS wants to garnish wages from you, talk to Mr. Finn today. Find out more by  emailing or calling (713)520-0010. You always get  a Free Consult.


Wage garnishment from IRS is a serious. If you face such a situation, you need an expert who knows how the IRS works. Jay’s firm assists people who are facing wage garnishment. Mr. Finn is a former IRS Revenue Agent himself with over 34 years experience. Individuals and companies with all types of tax issues have come to Mr. Finn and walked away relieved of the stress and anxiety that usually accompanies IRS tax problems. Mr. Finn’s firm deals directly with IRS once you hire him.   His firm also offers the IRS offer in compromise AKA: pennies on the dollar.


Once IRS decides to place a wage garnishment on you, they send a letter to your employer, letting them know to send a portion of your check to the IRS. The percentage that could be taken out of your check can vary up to 70 percent+ of your check. There are not too many people who can take a hit like that in their paychecks. IRS could even confiscate property, annuities, place liens or even take part of your Security Security.


For more information if IRS threatens you with any garnish wages, or a bank levy simply call or email get your free consultation!