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Wage Levy

Has the IRS Levied your Wages?

One of the most troubling things that could happen if you are faced with IRS trouble is a wage levy. If you are in danger of having the IRS place a wage levy against you, Jay Allen Finn, CPA, and his firm can help. For more than 30 years, Mr. Finn has dealt with IRS problems of all kinds, including those involving a wage levy. Mr. Finn knows how the IRS works since he is a former IRS Revenue Agent. His firm has experience in dealing with tax problems and has had success in getting clients a reduction in penalties for tax debt, preventing the IRS from seizing property, protecting tax refunds and getting the IRS to settle for an offer in compromise for pennies on the dollar. Mr. Finn can certainly help you if you have been hit with a wage levy; have delinquent taxes or any other type of tax problem. Waste no time in contacting Mr. Finn if you have a wage levy. It could make the difference between you having a full paycheck or a small paycheck.


When the IRS places a wage levy on you, they send notice to your employer, letting them know of your debt. Your employer must then send a portion of your check to the IRS. Depending upon several factors such as number of dependents or the size of the debt, a wage levy could result in about 30 to 70 percent of your paycheck going to the IRS. The IRS could also take personal property or property tied up with another entity such as Social Security. It would make life very difficult if you have a wage levy or a bank levy placed against you by the IRS.


Jay Allen Finn and his team know what to do when you have a wage levy. They’ll find the cause of your tax problem and then empower you with the tools to prevent a wage levy from happening again. They will help you find ways of filing and paying your delinquent taxes so they are current. Most importantly, Jay Allen Finn helps you find ways of settling with the IRS. Their methods are time-tested and proven to work. Let the experts at Jay Allen Finn’s firm assist you with a wage levy, a bank levy or any other tax problem. They have helped many clients and will look into ways of solving your IRS problems. For more information on what to do when faced with a wage levy, simply contact

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