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Breaking News: Due to tropical storm Imelda the Following Counties have been granted an extended tax filing deadline until Jan 31, 2020, for individuals, trusts and corporations: Harris, Montgomery, Liberty, Chambers, Orange and Jefferson.

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Stress and anxiety will decrease once we begin dealing with the IRS on your behalf. We fight for our clients’ rights every day to stop unjust and unfair actions taken by the IRS. The fact is, the IRS cannot enforce collection action against you if that action causes financial hardships.

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Back Taxes

Do you owe back taxes?

We offer discounts on multiple years’ tax preparation. With a signed IRS Power of Attorney, we can pull your IRS record to find lost W2s, 1099s, and other wages, income or tax filing and payment records. We can use our software to pull your IRS transcripts and determine which years need to be filed, without alerting the IRS. Also, we may be able to abate penalties and interest due from not filing or paying. Call today to schedule your free consultation.


Has The IRS Contacted You?

Jay Allen Finn, CPA is a former Internal Revenue Agent and CPA with over 37 years experience. The firm has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. We can help during any stage of the audit process and can even appeal past audit decisions or ask for an audit reconsideration when new evidence is available. Call today to schedule a Free 30-minute consultation.

International Tax

Foreign Accounts

The IRS Requires that US citizens and tax Residents report their worldwide income. FinCEN requires taxpayers to report foreign accounts if the total balance in all foreign accounts is over $10,000 at any time during the year. The penalty for not reporting is very ranging from 5% to 150% of the account balance. We have helped taxpayers gain compliance with FATCA Law since its inception. We have never lost a case. Call today for a free consultation.

Offer In Compromise

Make a Fresh Start

I am a former IRS agent and have 37 years experience negotiating with the IRS. Unlike many companies, my firm will not take an Offer-in-Compromise case if I do not believe we can win. I have never lost a case that I have guaranteed, and have lowered taxes for individuals and businesses by up to several hundred thousand dollars.
Houston CPA – IRS tax problems come in many forms, such as tax audits, wage garnishments, property seizures and more. Your best option in resolving these important matters is to hire an experienced tax professional. Jay A. Finn, CPA in Houston, TX, will resolve tax problems on your behalf Do not try to fight the IRS alone. Call Today 877-720-3477 or Email to get your free consultation! After filing an IRS Power of Attorney, we will secure all necessary forms from the IRS. Next, we will refigure your taxes for all years in question and lower your tax obligation usually far below the IRS’s calculations. Then, we will negotiate with the IRS to forgive late penalties and interest. Finally, we will negotiate with the IRS to determine a final tax bill that is fair. Call a top rated Houston CPA today!
Houston CPA – Our firm is founded by a Certified Public Accountant, licensed to practice in IRS Appeals and Mediation. He was an IRS Revenue Agent but now works for YOU, instead of THEM. Jay Allen Finn began his career after receiving his Bachelors in Business Administration, Magna Cum Laude, specializing in accounting. He was chosen by the department professor to be the graduate assistant. However, he accepted a position with the IRS in Houston, before earning a CPA and leaving the IRS to work for you. Jay’s philosophy is that you are the most important person to serve. He will strive each day to meet your specific, unique needs and to help you overcome your tax problems. He will help you get a fresh start, today. Jay is also a member of the Texas Society of CPA’s – Houston Chapter.
Tax Settlement Options:
An offer in compromise is defined as an agreement between the taxpayer and the IRS that settles the tax debt at a lesser amount than is owed. An offer in compromise is based on the taxpayer’s income and assets. Jay Allen Finn and his team of professionals have the experience to negotiate IRS offers in compromise and have never lost a significant case. Installment agreements allow taxpayers to pay off their tax debt in small increments. We help the IRS understand your budget limitations. Classified with a Currently Not Collectible Status by the IRS is a temporary solution to a tax problem. If you qualify for the “CNC” status, the IRS temporarily delays collection activity against you. To qualify for CNC status, you must provide proof that you cannot pay the tax liability without financial hardship. IRS Audit Assistance
If you’ve received an Audit Notice from the IRS, call Jay Allen Finn immediately. Jay Finn specializes in Large Case IRS Tax Audits and has a proven track record of successful results. He is the go to Houston CPA.
Filing Back Taxes
? Let us first address your current situation and analyze any unfiled tax returns and how much tax debt you owe. We will then help complete your previous tax returns and minimize your tax debt and reduce any penalties incurred by your late tax filings. Tax Liens and Levies
. The IRS may have issued you a letter or notice of INTENT TO LEVY. The sending of this letter is a required step of the IRS before they can begin to levy your assets, including placing a lien on your home or property or directly levy your bank account. Mr. Finn will negotiate directly with the IRS to resolve your issue as efficiently as possible to avoid further damaging action by the IRS. Wage Garnishment
The IRS is legally obligated to collect a portion of your wages directly from your employer if you owe back taxes. Mr Finn works directly with the IRS to settle the debt and stop the IRS from garnishing your wages.

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