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5548036271_99031ed9f7_oJay Finn, CPA, PC., a Houston CPA, will utilize every means afforded in the Internal Revenue Code to:

  • Prepare Complicated Tax Returns
  • Resolve Foreign Tax Issues
  • Address Payroll Tax Problems
  • Prepare Business Tax Returns
  • Fix and Maintain Business QuickBooks and Payroll
  • Complete Real Estate Returns

A Houston CPA / EA team that will solve all your tax problems. With 37 years experience Representing Taxpayers in Front of the IRS in Audits, Appeals and in front of the Office of Chief Counsel, we can get you the best resolution. Our team will use the IRS’ tax code and the Taxpayer Bill of Rights to win your case.

How We Work:

We begin by submitting an IRS Power of Attorney. Then, using our tax resolution software we gather a copy of your IRS Master File. We work closely with our contacts at the IRS including IRS Revenue Agents and IRS Reveneu Officers.

We use our experience and fundamental understanding of US tax law to ensure the best possible outcome for your tax situation. We pride ourselves on great tax work. There is no better way to solve tax problems than through an experienced CPA team.

Our skilled team of Bookkeepers, Tax Preparers and Tax resolution Professionals can Complete Complicated Tax Returns, Fix, Maintain or Catch Up QuickBooks, Document Balance Sheets (including assets, loans, etc), File Prior Period Tax Returns, Negotiate Audit issues, File Foreign Bank Account Reports, and Resolve Payroll Tax Trust Fund Issues.

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