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5548036271_99031ed9f7_oJay Allen Finn, CPA, PC., a Houston CPA, will utilize every means afforded in the Internal Revenue Code to:

  • Complete Delinquent Returns
  • Reduce penalties on tax debts
  • Stop IRS wage garnishments/levy
  • Stop IRS property seizure
  • Protect your tax refunds
  • Settle your tax debt for the lowest amount allowed by law!(offer in compromise)

A Houston CPA / EA team that will settle your tax debt for the lowest amount allowed by law! With 37 years experience, we can get you the best resolution. We will use the IRS’ own rules to preserve your rights.

How We Work:

We begin by gathering a copy of your IRS Master File. Once we have a Power of Attorney on file with the IRS, all IRS collections harassment should stop immediately. You have the right to insist that the IRS speak to us, even if an agent says otherwise.

The IRS will negotiate with us, even if taxes are still due. We often find that our clients  owe a small amount or may even be owed money BY the IRS. We pride ourselves on great tax work. There is no better way to solve money problems than through an experienced tax professional.

We can negotiate an Offer in Compromise, a Partial Payment Installment Agreement, or have tax declared Currently Not Collectable.

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