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Back Taxes

First Steps:

  1. We’ll protect your data and privacy to the fullest extent. If you have back taxes or haven’t filed returns for many years, things can get complicated. Many find that the best option is to hire a CPA who specializes in Tax Defense. Trying to avoid the situation is the worst possible solution. The Internal Revenue Service will assess fees for not filing or not paying. Additionally, the IRS will charge interest for tax bills that are not paid. For the average taxpayer, it will be difficult to get the IRS to lower fees and penalties. We will ask IRS to lower your penalties.
  2. After consultation, we’ll get your tax history from the IRS. This history will show what the IRS thinks you owe. The amount is usually too high, as the IRS does consider things such as filing status or stock basis. During your first consultation, we’ll help you determine which documents to gather. Examples of documents could be proof of business expenses or tax deductions. Our tax professional will determine the appropriate tax forms the IRS is looking for and those needed to lower your taxes. Filing will start the three-year statute of limitations. Not filing will leave you vulnerable to IRS audits, indefinitely.
  3. It is not necessary to pay the full balance when you file. We can get you on an IRS Payment Plan – Installment Agreement – or even determine if you are due a refund. Together, we’ll figure an amount that you are able to pay. Some taxpayers decide to stretch their tax payments out over 6 years.
  4. Jay Allen Finn, CPA will work with the IRS to determine your ability to pay. He’ll help you prove personal assets, monthly expenses, and income. The IRS will use this information to determine if you qualify for an Offer In Compromise or an IRS Fresh Start. Additionally, our team will negotiate a reduction in penalties, fees, and even taxes.
  5. Using the offer in compromise, we have lowered or even erased taxes for many clients.
  6. One condition of an Offer In Compromise is that the taxpayer stays current on their taxes. When the IRS approves your offer in compromise or IRS fresh start, we’ll help you stay up to date. Our staff will stay with you throughout the process to make sure the IRS does not revoke your deal.
  7. Millions of Americans need help filing their late tax returns. Some owe a mountain of tax debt to the IRS. Many will stress over this for years and the fear of the consequences only make matters worse. Call us before the IRS contacts you. You’ll feel much better and we’ll save you money, too.

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