A wage levy is a legal order that will force your employer to send a portion of your paycheck to the person or organization who filed the order. If you owe money to the IRS, a wage garnishment may be inevitable unless you seek help. The IRS will not simply sit idly by and allow you to continue to add money to your wallet or bank account without trying to take a portion of that money. In fact, depending on your individual circumstances and the amount of money that you owe, they could potentially take up to 70 percent of your income in order to satisfy your tax debt.

Unless you want to hand over your paycheck to the IRS every payday it is crucial that you get help. Jay Allen Finn, CPA has many years of experience in helping taxpayers to avoid wage garnishments, bank levies and other means of collection by the IRS. He has years of experience in working as an IRS agent himself so he knows tax laws very well and knows exactly how to provide relief for your tax debt. Mr. Finn will begin by getting your payments current and then see if you qualify for a program that may reduce your tax debt considerably.

Whether you owe the IRS $100 or $100,000, rest assured that they will not stop until that debt is completely paid. Mr. Finn can help you to protect your wages and ensure that your family is provided for financially. To read more about wage levy, visit us at https://doggedbyirs.com