The IRS is so powerful. Is it really possible to fight them?

Yes. The tax professionals at Jay A. Finn, CPA, analyze each case individually and determine the best strategic path forward. We are very successful in solving a variety of tax problems. We have cultivated strong relationships throughout the years with all stakeholders to ensure we are able to negotiate the best outcome.

I haven’t filed tax returns for many years, should I file my old tax returns?

Ignoring IRS letters and failing to file tax returns will not solve the problem. With our guidance, our clients are able to catch up on back taxes. We use industry best standards to recreate lost records.

How can I determine which option is best?

Real professionals don’t use a “one-size-fits-all” approach. We meet with taxpayers to determine the ideal solution based on their unique situations.

I just got an IRS letter – what should I do?

Every case requires a different response. The sooner you contact Jay A. Finn, CPA, LLC the better.

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