The IRS is so powerful. Is it really possible to fight them?

Yes. tax professionals who know, and use, all the options that a taxpayer may have, can be very successful in eliminating or reducing tax debt. The IRS often feels estranged but cooperative once you give us a power of attorney to exclusively represent you.

Can I stop the IRS once they have begun garnishing my wages or bank accounts?

In nearly all cases we have been able to stop IRS wage garnishments.

I haven’t filed tax returns for many years, should I file my old tax returns?

With our guidance, our clients are able to catch up on back taxes while avoiding stiff penalties and fees. Not taking action is the worst thing you can do.

The IRS has programs for returns prior to 2001.

How can I determine which option is best?

Real professionals don’t use a “one-size-fits-all” approach. While an Offer in Compromise (a.k.a. Pennies on the Dollar) is an excellent option, it doesn’t fit every case. We offer free consultations to help you determine the optimal path to take to minimize your tax obligation.

I don’t have any money to pay the IRS?

GREAT! We can use that fact to help convince the IRS to cut us a sweet deal.

How much longer can the IRS legally pursue me to collect my tax debt?

Once we evaluate your case we can tell you how much time the IRS has remaining to collect your taxes.

I just got an IRS letter – what should I do?

Every case requires a different response. The sooner you contact Jay Allen Finn, CPA, the better.

Is it really possible to bankrupt IRS Debt?

It is less likely now than it has been in the past to bankrupt IRS debt.

Other important questions we’ll answer for you:

Can I remove a property lien against me?

Am I eligible for Innocent Spouse or Injured Spouse tax relief?

Is it possible to set up an AFFORDABLE payment plan?

If I owe payroll or employment taxes, is there any help for me?

Is there a benefit of comparing options?

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