Offer in Compromise


Successful Offer in Compromise – Case Closed

The following are scans of a Successful Offer in Compromise from a recent case with the IRS. So, you can see from the documents below that the client settled for $720.00. The original amount owed to the IRS was over $20,000!

An offer in compromise is one of the most powerful tax resolution tools the IRS allows. Using this tool, taxpayers can lower their unpaid tax obligation by thousands of dollars. Jay is a former IRS agent. And, he knows all the numbers and methods to lower your tax obligation by the lowest amount allowed by law.

steps to an offer in compromise

  • Come into the office for a free consultation – (713) 520-0010
  • Sign a power of attorney and let Jay negotiate with the IRS for you
  • Help Jay figure out your day to day finances and needs
  • Wait 10 months
  • Pay a lump sum or start to make payments
  • Jay Allen Finn is located in Houston Texas on the west loop at 610 and 290. This is only a few miles north of the Galleria. He is very accomplished at solving all sorts of IRS cases including audits, wage garnishments, back taxes, foreign accounts, international taxes and any other IRS Tax problem.

    Jay Allen Finn, CPA of DoggedbyIRS can help you get a similar settlement with the IRS. Call DoggdbyIRS today at 1-877-720-3477 and get the IRS off of your back!