One of the most traumatic experiences a family can go through is a run-in with the Internal Revenue Service. The IRS is certainly an entity that you cannot risk going up against without an expert by your side. There are many attorneys out there that claim to have knowledge of how the IRS works and make promises to you that they can assist you with your tax problems. But, when you have late taxes issues or a back tax problem and the IRS is threatening wage garnishment, you need an expert who can be trusted above all others to solve your IRS tax problems right away.

Jay Allen Finn worked with the IRS for many years and nobody knows how the IRS operates better than he does. For many years after leaving the IRS, Jay Allen Finn has been fighting for clients in Texas against the IRS. Being based in Houston, Texas allows Mr. Finn the opportunity to represent clients across the state of Texas including the cities of: San Antonio, Dallas, Austin, Fort Worth, El Paso, and Arlington.

Nobody can stop wage garnishment quicker and more effectively than Jay Allen Finn. He has done if for hundreds of thankful clients throughout the years and he will do it for you too. When your paychecks are garnished and the threat of missing a car payment, a mortgage payment or rent payment is imminent, you need results quickly. Jay Allen Finn and will get the IRS off your back and stop wage levy immediately.