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  • Payroll Tax Audit

  • Unreported 1099-Misc.

  • Large Deductions – Mileage etc.

  • Casualty

  • Neglegent Tax Preparer

  • Lost Records

  • Records Reconstruction

  • Audit Reconsideration

  • Appeals

  • Doubt as to Liability

  • Audit Negotiation

  • Accuracy Penalty Reduction

The most common reaction to an IRS Tax Audit Notice is panic. However, the audit process can be stress-free if you follow some simple tips.

First Steps:

  • Do not ignore the IRS letter. It will not go away. Many letters contain options that are time-sensitive.
  • Do not assume the worst. We will use our tax resolution experience to help you understand the IRS letter so that we can determine exactly what the IRS is looking for and the most strategic path forward.
  • Do not attempt to represent yourself. An important matter such as an IRS audit should be resolved efficiently and correctly by a CPA, an Enrolled Agent or an Attorney. You have the right to be represented.
  • Organize your records and receipts. If you have lost receipts or records don’t hesitate to call. We have almost 40 years of experience using industry best standards and IRS law to reconstruct records and present the information effectively to the IRS

Facing an IRS Tax Audit? We have offered Houston business and individuals IRS Tax audit representation for 37 years. After a short consultation, we will know exactly how to help and will send you home with a list of receipts, bank statements tax documents and other necessary supporting evidence to gather. We will help you reconstruct records using industry best standards and tax law to fight the IRS to your advantage. We will examine the tax return closely to, find overlooked deductions, credits, and exemptions to further strengthen your case. Based in Houston, Texas, Jay Finn, CPA has been fighting the IRS with incredible results! He is a former IRS Revenue Agent with 37 years of experience in tax representation. The firm has been rated A+ with the BBB since 2008

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