Over the last year, Jay coached us through the resolution of a very large and long-standing tax issue with IRS. He helped us gather the supporting paperwork and to submit an offer in compromise just about a year ago. Our final, successful settlement in February of this year was less than a third of the total amount we owed. While the usual agreement allows you five months to pay; Jay got us 12 months. He is a skilled accountant and tax adviser and we felt enormous confidence in his advice and efforts on our behalf. And, for the quality of work, his rates are very reasonable. I am available by email to any of his prospective clients.
Elaine K, Dogged By IRS
My experience dealing with the IRS and people that were paid to help me deal with the IRS could only be described as horrible, worse than a nightmare. While at the point of completely giving up resolving our issue I found Jay Allen Finn, CPA. I met with Jay and gave him our paperwork and brought him up to date on all of the events that had taken place. I found him to be very attentive and understanding, and most importantly ready to help. He immediately contacted IRS and stopped the phone calls, letters, levies and visits.
Larry S., Dogged By IRS
We had not filed our returns for several years. As soon as we met Jay, we felt better because of his experience. Jay filed our returns up to date. Jay evaluated the balances due and applied for an “Offer in Compromise”. The IRS told us that my pension stock disqualified us, even though we could not touch the stock for the next 5 years. Jay appealed this and got us an accepted offer for $3,160.
Cathy S., Dogged By IRS
I was serving in Iraq after a bad divorce when the IRS wanted several years of past due returns. The IRS prepared returns (called ASFR returns) that showed a balance due much, much greater than I actually owed. My parents in the States dropped the whole problem on Mr. Finn. What an immediate relief, just knowing a professional was handling the problem. And he was able to reach a great resolution for me. I would recommend anyone with an IRS problem to call Jay Finn to help them.
Tom D., Dogged By IRS
For several years, I worked as a subcontractor and did not file my tax returns. I basically live from paycheck-to-paycheck. When the IRS wanted their money, Jay was able to get me an offer in compromise for $1,280.00 and with 24 months to pay it off too.
Dave H., Dogged By IRS